Book review. Design for Care: Innovating Healthcare Experience


  • Manuela Aguirre Ulloa PhD Candidate in Design for Public Services, and lecturer in Systems Oriented Design The Oslo School of Architecture and Design


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Design for Care, Innovating, Healthcare, Experience


Adapted from a review on the same book published by The Design Observer Group on April 4th, 2014. You can access the original publication online at

Peter Jones´ recently published book represents a timely and comprehensive view of the value design brings to healthcare innovation. The book uses an empathic user story that conveys emotions and life to a structure that embraces the different meanings of Design for Care: Spanning from caring at the personal level to large-scale caring systems. The author has a main objective for each of its three main target audiences: Designers, companies and healthcare teams. Firstly, it allows designers to understand healthcare in a holistic and patient-centered way, breaking down specialized silos. Secondly, it shows how to design better care experiences across care continuums. Consequently, for companies serving the healthcare sector, the book presents how to humanize information technology (IT) and services and meet the needs of health seekers. Finally, the book aims to inform healthcare teams (clinical practitioners and administrators) the value design brings in research, co-creation and implementation of user and organizational experiences. It also proposes that healthcare teams learn and adopt design and systems thinking techniques so their innovation processes can be more participatory, holistic and user-centered.




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Ulloa, M. A. (2014). Book review. Design for Care: Innovating Healthcare Experience. FormAkademisk, 7(3).

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