Opening Digital Archives and Collections with Emerging Data Analytics Technology: A Research Agenda


  • Ahmed Elragal
  • Tero Päivärinta


Emneord (Nøkkelord):

digital preservation, digital archives, big data analytics, text mining, research agenda


In the public sector, the EU legislation requires preservation and opening of increasing amounts of heterogeneous digital information that should be utilized by citizens and businesses. While technologies such as big data analytics (BDA) have emerged, opening of digital archives and collections at a large scale is in its infancy. Opening archives and collections involve also particular requirements for recognizing and managing issues of privacy and digital rights. As well, ensuring the sustainability of the opened materials and economical appraisal of digital materials for preservation require robust digital preservation practices. We need to proceed beyond the state-of-the-art in opening digital archives and collections through the means of emerging big data analytics and validating a novel concept for analytics which then enables delivering of knowledge for citizens and the society. We set out an agenda for using BDA as our strategy for research and enquiry and for demonstrating the benefit of BDA for opening digital archives by civil servants and for citizens. That will – eventually - transform the preservation practices, and delivery and use opportunities of public digital archives. Our research agenda suggests a framework integrating four domains of inquiry, analytics-enhanced appraisal, analytics-prepared preservation, analytics-enhanced opening, and analytics-enhanced use, for utilizing the BDA technologies in the domain of digital archives and collections. The suggested framework and research agenda identifies initially particular BDA technologies to be utilized in each of the four domains, and contributes by highlighting a need for an integrated “public understanding of big data” in the domain of digital preservation.


Ahmed Elragal

Ahmed Elragal (PhD, MBA, BSc) is an associate professor of information systems at Luleå University of Technology in Sweden. Prof. Elragal has over fifty research papers and articles published at international conferences and journals. He is a member of the editorial board of I & M and IJBIR journals. Prof. Elragal is the Associate Editor of the International Journal of Information Systems and Project Management (IJISPM). He is the co-author of Pearson’s AWE of the MIS textbook (Laudon, Laudon, and Elragal). He is the winner of the 2010’s international case study competition on “Business Intelligence”, a prestigious international award. He has over 15 years of consulting experience, focused mainly on enterprise systems and business intelligence. He has helped different regional as well as multinationals organizations [including SAP, Teradata, Hyperone & Egypt Census Bureau] in the areas of enterprise systems, business intelligence, data mining, and big data [analytics].

Tero Päivärinta

Tero Päivärinta research has lately focused on digital preservation and, especially, design science research with focus to integrate enterprise content management with long-term digital preservation services. Before his career at LTU, his research has focused significantly on enterprise content management in close collaboration with engineering/oil industry and the public sector alike. His PhD from the University of Jyväskylä, Finland (2001), focused on enterprise document management representing one of the first doctoral dissertations on the topic in its time. Tero has published more than 70-refereed articles in international information systems conferences and journals, including European Journal of Information Systems, Information Systems Journal, Information & Organization, Information & Software Technology, JITTA, Communications of the AIS, Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems, and Transforming Government. His current research interests include systems and software development practices, enterprise content management, preservation of digital information, and e-Government




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Elragal, A., & Päivärinta, T. (2017). Opening Digital Archives and Collections with Emerging Data Analytics Technology: A Research Agenda. Tidsskriftet Arkiv, 8(1).



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