Social-Health Operators as Mediators in E-Health System


  • Angela Genova University of Urbino Carlo Bo
  • Willem Tousijn University of Turin



The E-health scenario within health systems has been modifying the relationship between curing and caring, and affecting the professional health landscape. This study has investigated changes in the e-health professional sector by focusing on the lowest healthcare occupation in Italy, that of social-health operators. The relationship between social-health operators and older adults has been analysed through a micro-sociological approach. The hypothesis leading the research have been the following: 1) the lowest occupation would assume a key role in dealing with the process of guaranteeing digital literacy in the e-health system, becoming digital mediators within the e-health system; 2) social-health operators would play a new role in their relationship with patients. Findings have confirmed both hypotheses, suggesting further development in the e-health professional sector and outlining a possible path for social-health operators towards an upgrading process as pre-professionals, fully legitimised by their hybrid status as both social and health care professionals.


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Genova, A., & Tousijn, W. (2022). Social-Health Operators as Mediators in E-Health System. Professions and Professionalism, 12(1).

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