English How to set up a Journal club? Tips for first time visits and starting a journal club for radiographers.





Evidence-based practice, continuing education, standard of practice, development, radiography profession



Journal clubs are getting more and more popular and are seen in many variations. A classic journal club is a structured educational meeting for a group of people to discuss, debate, and examine published articles. Journal clubs can be used to gain the latest knowledge in new areas of interest. It is important to educate radiographers and students to use a critical approach when discussing research. This may or may not lead to a new standard of practice.  

Journal club meetings can be initiated from e.g., clinical departments, educational institutions, groups with special interests e.g., statistics, modality, or by established research groups.

The workload is typically reading one or two articles as preparation for each meeting and pointing out a presenter with the task of recapitulating the study aim, method, result, and conclusion. However, it is not expected that the journal club members read the paper(s) thoroughly. The interesting part is the presenter’s perspective and interpretation of the selected paper and the discussion followed by the rest of the group members. This tutorial presents how to start a journal club and explains simple steps to consider before the first meeting.


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