Flying Beyond: Diverse Sáminesses and Be(com)ing Sámi


  • Hanna Ellen Guttorm



This poststructuralist autoethnographic writing and wandering happens in the context of Sáminess(es) and gets inspired by new materialist and posthumanist theories. This is a porous and fragmentary (non) writing with memories and affects, illustrations and nomadic wonderings. Through sharing her, and never only her, messy and rhizomatic story the author hopes to create space for multiple Sáminesses and the celebration of tiny and provocative differences. This is different autethnographic beginnings, no conclusions, but for multiple connections and towards love and affirmative critique.


How to Cite

Guttorm, H. E. (2018). Flying Beyond: Diverse Sáminesses and Be(com)ing Sámi. Reconceptualizing Educational Research Methodology, 9(1).