Haugerudbekken: Community Improvement through Socially Engaged Art





Haugerudbekken is the collective title of a series of art projects where two local artists (the authors of this article) collaborate with pupils from local schools in Haugerud to create public art installations in the neighbourhood. Haugerudbekken may be considered a practical exploration guided by principles in the fields of socially engaged art (SEA), teaching artists (TA) and community artists (CA). The project is being undertaken within the broader context of a government run local improvement initiative in the Oslo suburbs of Haugerud and Trosterud. A growing demand for art entering a societal context (like urban development) calls for approaches emphasizing dialogue, communication and local affiliation. As this demand grows, so does the need for best-practice guidance for initiating artists as well as for policymakers and others inviting artists to contribute. Furthermore, our approach as independent artists working within a community setting might also benefit from clarification of theory and framework in this field.

This article therefore aims to share knowledge gathered through our three years (and still ongoing) working on Haugerudbekken, pinpointing what we believe to be key success factors as well as challenges in our project. Findings are discussed in relation to existing theory and relevant practice in SEA, TA and CA informing existing guidelines as well as terminology.


Author Biographies

Katja Høst, Independent artist

Katja Høst is an independent visual artist.

Liva Mork, Independent artist

Liva Mork is an independent visual artist.




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Høst, K., & Mork, L. (2021). Haugerudbekken: Community Improvement through Socially Engaged Art . Nordic Journal of Art & Research, 10(2). https://doi.org/10.7577/information.3745



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