Call for article submissions for special issue:

"Living as an a/r/tographer – a Nordic perspective: Arts-based research processes in teacher educations"

Nordic Journal of Art & Research invites artist-teacher-researchers situated in various teacher training programs in the Nordic countries to contribute to a special issue related to the arts-based methodology a/r/tography. This special issue will contain articles that shed light on the distinctive position between traditional research and artistic research that characterizes the work of teacher education academic staff in the arts. It is a position in the space between artist (a), researcher (r), and teacher (t). How do the three roles emerge in a Nordic and a/r/tographic perspective? Are there peculiarities in this perspective? Contributions may deal with a/r/tography as a methodology, or present artistic/arts-based research where a/r/tography is used to a greater or lesser extent. With this, we also challenge the article form, and open for scientific articulations in various modalities, not just in a traditional written form.

A/r/tography also emphasizes writing processes (cf. "graphy"), not least the different qualities and forms that writing processes and texts within this scientific methodology can accommodate. It is anticipated that the special issue will show variety in relation to different forms of texts, research contexts, artistic media, ways of writing, and onto-epistemological viewpoints. The special issue is also open for articles that use a/r/tography as a counterpoint to other researchers' point of view, be it within quantitative, qualitative, or other arts-based research methodologies. What the article authors will have in common, will in any case be linked to the unique point of view of different teacher educations.

About the journal
Nordic Journal of Art & Research is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal for art(s) and research. The journal's aim is to spread knowledge and experience from research and development projects in artistic practice and reflection, arts education, arts and cultural theory, and related areas. The journal targets a broad range of arts and arts practices, such as music, visual art, dance, drama, and theatre. Contributions that cross and challenge traditional artistic and scientific boundaries are also welcomed. Nordic Journal of Art & Research will make use of the many opportunities online publishing offers and open for contributions that include text, sound, images, and video material. The journal therefore welcomes both traditional, text-based articles and contributions in other formats.

About the process

As a first stage, we invite researchers to submit an extended abstract for editorial review. The abstract should be approx. 500 words, and in addition we ask for a short bibliography with the most important sources that will be used in the article (supplied in the same document as the abstract). The editors will assess the submitted abstracts in view of the special issue's profile and academic quality. Abstracts may be e-mailed to Professor Torill Vist,

In the next phase, researchers will be invited to submit full manuscripts for further editorial review and peer review. See the journal's author guide for details on the article format. The full manuscript must be submitted to the journal's submission platform, where the further dialogue with researchers will also take place.

Submitted contributions (both abstract and article) can be in English, Norwegian, Swedish, or Danish.

Tentative deadlines
14. December 2022 "Kick-off" on Zoom with the opportunity for presentations and questions. (Sign up for the zoom link by writing to
31. January 2023. Submission of an extended abstract of 500 words plus references (multimedia expressions may also be added)
28. February. Feedback on accepted abstract, possible joint zoom meeting/presentation
14 June. Submission of first draft of article (including any parts in other media formats)
15. August. Feedback from the editors, possible joint zoom meeting
31. October. Submission of second draft of article with any attachment/presentation
15. February 2024. Feedback from reviewers
2. April. Submission of (if necessary) third draft
2. May Final feedback on article (including parts in other media)
1. June Last opportunity for submission of finished article
June. Editorial/technical communication and work with articles (including parts in other media)
15. August. Publication of the special issue "To live as an a/r/tographer - a Nordic perspective" with "Release party"

Editors: Ingrid Anette Danbolt, Maybritt Jensen, Ellen Marie Sæthre-McGuirk and Torill Vist