Renegotiating Aesthetic Disinterest for the Literature Classroom


  • Mildrid Bjerke OsloMet



This paper discusses a dialectic between a so-called disinterested appreciation of literature and what I refer to as the ‘neoliberal ethos’. I am interested, primarily, in the influence of this dialectic on literary pedagogy. I will argue that the way in which the neoliberal ethos has permeated educational settings creates a need for a reconceptualised notion of aesthetic disinterest, without which we will struggle to coherently argue for alternative conceptions of the value of education, especially arts and humanities education. I hope to show that reviving the concept of disinterest will facilitate a renegotiation of the literature classroom as a space for genuine aesthetic experience and non-instrumental discussion.

Author Biography

Mildrid Bjerke, OsloMet

Associate professor of English. Department of Primary and Secondary Teacher Education, Oslo Metropolitan University.




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Bjerke, M. (2021). Renegotiating Aesthetic Disinterest for the Literature Classroom . Nordic Journal of Art & Research, 10(2).



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