Listening to the Forest


  • Ellen Johanne Røed Stockholm University of the Arts



video art, attention, field recording


Listening to the forest is a streamed video essay in which you are invited to pay attention to audiovisual relations between human, landscape and moving image. Moving images are explored through a camera-based field recording practice that emphasises them as part of an ecological materiality, inseparable from what they depict and how they are seen.

Author Biography

Ellen Johanne Røed, Stockholm University of the Arts

Ellen Johanne Røed is a visual artist and professor in Film and media at Stockholm University of the Arts.


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Photo of a forset landscape with an aparatus on the middel with a cricle and a triangle, and a person sitting on the ground. From video artwork by Røed.




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Røed, E. J. (2022). Listening to the Forest. Nordic Journal of Art & Research, 11(1).