Researching public art and public space, part 2





This special issue is devoted to research on the changing paradigms of public art, and of public spaces. Today all art can be characterized as public since it is mediated via relational networks. The shift of paradigm from modernist art to contemporary art coincides with this shift of paradigm – from consumption to communication – in the sense that advanced art practices had already absorbed the change from individual mediation to relational networks. In the communication network of relations, artists and works are constitutive elements. Without the works and the artists, the relational network does not exist, and vice versa: Without the network of relations, neither artists nor works are made visible. This constitutive reciprocity of relations is decisive both for theorists doing research on public art and art in public spaces, as well as for artists who are doing research in public spaces.

Author Biography

Olga Schmedling, Oslo National Academy of the Arts

Olga Schmedling, Dr. Philos, is professor emerita at Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Schmedling was educated at the University of Oslo and the University of Paris I, Sorbonne, with a doctoral thesis on Changing Paradigms of Art and Architecture in a Social-historical perspective (Schmedling, 2009), after a research fellow-period in the interdisciplinary project Visual Expressions in the Public Realm (VISROM). Schmedling has worked as a critic and an editor in SIKSI Nordic Art Review, and as editor in chief of Norwegian Art Yearbook. She has held positions at the Munch Museum and at Academy of Art and Design, Gothenburg, and was the director of KIK Centre for Contemporary Art and Craft in Oslo, vice-president in the International Association of Art Critics AICA, and president of the national section of AICA. Since 2012, she has been a member of the editorial board of Nordic Journal of Art and Research.


Schmedling, O. (2009). Monument og modernitet : endring av kunst og arkitektur i sosialhistorisk perspektiv i de siste to hundre år. Det humanistiske fakultet, Universitetet i Oslo Unipub, Oslo.

Schmedling, O. (2021). Researching public art and public space: Editorial. Nordic Journal of Art & Research, 10(3).




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