New research on child rights and education


The Editors of Human Right Education Review (HRER) are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child by bringing you this key collection of six recent research papers on child rights. We hope that these papers from Australia, Canada, Norway, Sweden and the UK will make a small contribution to enabling child rights in education. 

Please share this collection with your networks, students and on social media. And do add them, where appropriate, to reading lists.

Erdal, M. B., & Strømsø, M. (2018). Children’s rights, participatory research and the co-construction of national belonging. Human Rights Education Review, 1(1), 25-45.

Grover, S. (2018). Rights education and children’s collective self-advocacy through public interest litigation. Human Rights Education Review, 1(1), 65-83.

Lundy, L., & Martínez Sainz, G. (2018). The role of law and legal knowledge for a transformative human rights education: addressing violations of children’s rights in formal education. Human Rights Education Review, 1(2), 04-24.

Goldschmidt-Gjerløw, B. (2019). Children’s rights and teachers’ responsibilities: reproducing or transforming the cultural taboo on child sexual abuse? Human Rights Education Review, 2(1), 25-46.

Brantefors, L. (2019). ‘They don’t have as good a life as us’: a didactic study of the content of human rights education with eleven-year-old pupils in two Swedish classrooms. Human Rights Education Review, 2(1), 47-69.

Huser, C. (2019). ‘I want to share this video with you today.’ Children’s participation rights in childhood research. Human Rights Education Review, 2(2), 45-63.

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