Artistic research in processes of urban change


  • Charlotte Blanche Myrvold Kulturtanken



Can the figure of the city of knowledge be an inspiration to commissioning of artistic research in contexts of urban change? This article argues that it represents a way beyond the seemingly dead ends that have been forged by the temporary and creative city. This article presents some initial reflections on this subject and reflects upon how artistic research expands the roles ascribed to public art.

The conceptual approach to understand the relations between knowledge and the development of cities applied in this article, draws on the idea that cities are learned developed by urban geographer Colin MacFarlane (MacFarlane, 2011). The article applies MacFarlane’s concept to artistic research in public space and argues that artistic research as public art can move divisions between what is extra-public and public, known and unknown. Drawing on public art projects that have relations to the urban development of Bjørvika, the article argues that artistic research of the city produces new ways to “learn the city” and conceive change.


Charlotte Blanche Myrvold , Kulturtanken

Charlotte Blanche Myrvold arbeider med forsknings- og utviklingsarbeid ved Kulturtanken.




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Myrvold , C. B. (2021). Artistic research in processes of urban change . Nordic Journal of Art and Research, 10(3).