Accessory spleen. A diagnostic challenge. Case Study.


  • Stalin Santiago Celi Simbaña Center for Medical Specialties “Comité del Pueblo”. Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security. I.E.S.S.
  • Diego Sebastián Andrade Mora Central University of Ecuador. Faculty of Medical Sciences. Medicine School.
  • Jessica Estefania Mendoza Benalcázar Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security. I.E.S.S. Center of Médical Specialties ¨Comité del Pueblo¨. General medicine.



Accessory Spleen, imaging diagnostics., Accessory STomography, X-Ray Computed, Case Study


Introduction: Accessory spleen, also called supernumerary spleen, is a generally benign and asymptomatic condition, characterized by the location of splenic tissue outside the spleen. Its prevalence has been reported between 10% to 30% of the population. Materials and Methods: Patient evaluated for recurrent urinary tract infection in which a computed tomography urography without contrast was requested, incidentally finding an accessory spleen.

Results: Clinical case report and diagnostic imaging challenge.

Conclusions: The accessory spleen is a condition of congenital origin, relatively frequent for which it should be considered in the spectrum of the differential diagnosis of acute abdomen and intra-abdominal masses since its timely diagnosis can avoid unnecessary surgeries.


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