Affective (An)Archive as Method


  • Erica Eva Colmenares
  • Jenna Kamrass Morvay



The purpose of this article is to explore affective (an)archives in educational research. Unlike archives, which act more like a repository, the (an)archive is a technique for research-creation; it is a process-making engine that triggers new, creative events. The affective (an)archives studied in this paper encompass the affective intensities that arise for teacher-activists participating in public political activism, as well as the affects that animate the moments of emotional crisis (or “stuck moments”) of student teachers in a social justice-oriented teacher education program. We ruminate on the possibilities, intensities, conversations, and materialities that our (an)archives might open. Specifically, we wonder what new events can these (an)archives feed-forward and what pedagogical and emotional thresholds might the traces from our (an)archives do for both our own studies and the field of educational research.


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Colmenares, E. E. ., & Morvay, J. K. (2019). Affective (An)Archive as Method. Reconceptualizing Educational Research Methodology, 10(2-3), 310–329.

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