Creating Outside the Box


  • Sara L. Benson



This paper shares my journey from rigid, self-doubting, and strict to fluid, confident, freedom of thinking as I created, moved, thought, and philosophized my way through an arts-based and community-based research course. In that course, I created a photography piece, “Bluff City Merger.” Through the creation of this project my view of who I was as a researcher and as a person began to shift and an unmasking began to take place by the end of this project. Bluff City Merger created a space that would allow for the individual to construct their own meaning and understanding of all that took place in Memphis, Tennessee (US). The purpose of this piece was to spark conversation and conceptualization surrounding the bussing controversy of the early 70’s in the city of Memphis while also contemplating the current state of the school system by merging photographs from the past with those from the present.


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Benson, S. L. (2020). Creating Outside the Box. Reconceptualizing Educational Research Methodology, 11(1), 5–12.

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