Title One Laptop on Each Desk: Teaching Methods in Technology Rich Classrooms


  • Catarina Player-Koro Department of Pedagogical, Curricular and professional Studies University of Gothenburg
  • Martin Tallvid Division of Learning, Communication and IT, University of Gothenburg


Educational Technology, ICT, one-to-one, 1, 1 Laptop Initiative.


This article takes its point of departure from the main findings from research in four upper secondary schools in a 1:1 initiative (one laptop per student) and reports on a deeper analysis of four classrooms that are part of the empirical study. This study aims to investigate how teaching and learning in technology-rich classrooms are structured and thus contribute to the development of knowledge about the impact of technology on the structuring of teaching and learning in educational practices.Bernstein’s theoretical concept of the pedagogic discourse is used to make visible how the main incentive for teaching methods is the evaluation system that recontextualises traditional discourses about teaching and learning. The conclusion is that fundamental transformations of education is less about technology and more about the changing of the structures and discourses concerningteaching, learning and education.




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