Wiki Storyline in Second Language Teaching


  • Hege Emma Rimmereide Faculty of Education Bergen University College,
  • Barbara Blair Faculty of Education Bergen University College,
  • Jon Hoem Center for New Media Bergen University College,



Basic skills in English, blog, co-writing, motivation, multi modal texts, sharing, Storyline, wiki


Wiki Storyline is a web-based Storyline project. The interdisciplinary approach to second language teaching provided by combining the Storyline method and ICT is dynamic, and ideal for practicing receptive and productive skills in English. Being a learner-centered approach, the Storyline creates motivation for written and oral communication and this is facilitated by digital tools. The Wiki Storyline project has been carried out with two in-service courses and this study presents a comparative analysis of the various technical solutions, as well as of the pedagogical potential explored in the two courses. In addition to the wiki, Etherpad and a blog were the key digital media tools included in the project. In the wiki a virtual world was created, while Etherpad served as a tool for real time collaborative text editing, and the blog as an arena for reflection for the participants, outside the virtual world.




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Rimmereide, H. E., Blair, B., & Hoem, J. (2011). Wiki Storyline in Second Language Teaching. Seminar.Net, 7(2).