Title Lecturers' Conception of Learning and Use of Methods in Blended Learning Courses at Three Swedish Universities


  • Ulf Olsson Universitetspedagogisk sentrum Stockholm University Sweden




teaching methods, e-learning, learning conceptions, higher education


This study examines the extent to which 387 lecturers at Karlstad University, Mälardalen University and the University of Gävle use certain methods in their blended learning/web-based courses. The teaching methods are compared to the lecturers' conceptions of learning as indicated in the survey. Questionnaires have been used for the survey and responses from lecturers in 10 subjects are compared to each other. The main aims are to compare chosen teaching forms to conceptions of learning, and to compare subject areas with each other according to lecturers' use of methods. In the order of frequency of use, the main stated purposes of using the web tools are: Distribution of materials, communication, administration, evaluation, examination. Three out of four lecturers use a learning management system in their teaching, while only a few use e-meeting tools. The results show similarities at both the department and faculty level, though there are large differences between how lecturers of various subjects report the frequency of use. The relationship between the lecturers' conceptions of learning and the teaching methods used reveal some inconsistencies.




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Olsson, U. (2011). Title Lecturers’ Conception of Learning and Use of Methods in Blended Learning Courses at Three Swedish Universities. Seminar.net, 7(1). https://doi.org/10.7577/seminar.2415