Experiences from Blended Learning, Net-based Learning and Mind Tools


  • Arvid Staupe Associate Professor Norwegian University of Science and Technology


net based learning, mind tools, hyper system, multimedia, NitVis, theoretical platform, collaboration, learning in groups, learning environment, learning environment in internet, building own learning, internet, MapVier, collaboration tools, workbook, vis


My experiences described in this article are based on lecturing at the intermediate level at Department of Computer and Information Science (IDI) at NTNU. The primary cause for initiating the research projects, which lasted several years and with a gradual increase in the use of ICT, was the tenfold increase in number of students over only a few years, from barely 20 to more than 250. Two positive results were a significant improvement in grades and a large increase in the proportion of students completing the course compared to earlier years, despite a strong increase in number of students and a decline of resources. Seventy percent of the students registered for the course completed and passed the exam, compared to forty nine percent the year before. For two other similar courses the completion percentages for this pilot year were thirty two percent and forty five percent, respectively. The average final grade improved from 3.2 to 2.5, where 1 is the highest grade in a scale from 1 to 6. The course was structured applying blended learning, net-based learning, and mind tools. The course was comprehensively evaluated with an external examiner and the results were compared to corresponding courses within the program with more traditional formats, and also to a more traditional format within the course itself. A traditional format includes lectures in an auditorium and approved/not approved when it comes to exercises in an obligatory exercise arrangement. The course was organized with a subject teacher, an exercise teacher (assistant teacher), and student assistants. There was one student assistant for each exercise group of 30 students.




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