Meshing the Personal with the Professional: Digital Storytelling in Higher Education


  • Mary F. Wright Assistant Professor of Middle and Secondary Literacy Education UWRF Faculty Representative for Digital Storytelling in Higher Education University of Wisconsin - River Falls
  • Karen Ryan Director of the Educational Technology Center Director of the Technology Leadership Cadre University of Wisconsin System Learning Technology Development Council Representative University of Wisconsin – River Falls



digital storytelling, teacher identity, self-study, reflective practioner.


This paper chronicles a yearlong journey of learning about digital storytelling and leading the creation of five digital stories within a higher education community. We bring two complementary perspectives to guide this inquiry: as a faculty member in teacher education and as the University of Wisconsin system representative for the Learning Technology Development Council as well as director of our educational technology center. Our passion for the arts, aesthetics and education bring us to extend an inquiry into teacher identity and reflection by connecting our colleagues’ stories with the art of digital storytelling. We see its place and value in an academic environment; although not always currently clear, the roots of personal insight permeate the lives of professionals within the academy. Digital storytelling spans the artificial divide between the experiences of the past and our professional identities. The myriad uses of digital storytelling in higher education are explored as a reflective tool for practice, to highlight academic projects, interests or initiatives, and most importantly, to simply reflect on how we are shaped by the stories we live and how we in turn share our diverse identities.




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Wright, M. F., & Ryan, K. (2010). Meshing the Personal with the Professional: Digital Storytelling in Higher Education. Seminar.Net, 6(2).