Developing a Virtual Book - Material for Virtual Learning Environments


  • Anne Karin Larsen Assistant Professor, Project LeaderBergen University College
  • Grete Oline Hole Associate Professor, Bergen University College
  • Morten Fahlvik Project Leader, The Media Centre, Bergen University College



This article describes the process of, and considerations taken when Virtual Learning Materials were developed for an international study in Comparative Social Work arranged by the VIRCLASS project. The steps taken and the elements included in the Virtual Book – A Guide to Social Work in Europe are presented in details to inform others who are planning to make virtual learning materials. Students from 11 countries in Europe participated, and their reception of this material and learning outcomes from using it are analysed and presented. Furthermore; the article discuss how the learning material contributes to students’ learning, how a common understanding of practice enhances knowledge-building and in what way audio-visual learning material can contribute to good learning in e-learning courses. The results are discussed in relation to theories about composite texts and community of inquiry, and outlines some challenges for e-teachers’ competences.




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Larsen, A. K., Hole, G. O., & Fahlvik, M. (2007). Developing a Virtual Book - Material for Virtual Learning Environments., 3(3).