Global Education Industry - Exploring the state of affairs in Austria




digitization, global education industry, education-industrial complex, digital capitalism, information privacy, surveillance capitalism


Digitization initiatives in the field of education always correspond with developments in the education industry. In recent years, globally networked development dynamics have emerged that are essentially characterized by an education-industrial complex and are also relevant in Austria. While on the one hand the corona-induced developmental boosts of 'digital' education are welcomed, especially in edtech contexts, on the other hand the international discourses on the problematic role of the global education industry can no longer be ignored. This contribution ties in with these discourses and explores the current state of affairs in Austria. The lack of alternatives to an innovation path, which is often suggested by industry, education policy and education technology, is questioned.

Author Biography

Reinhold Madritsch, University College of Teacher Education Tyrol

Senior lecturer at the College of Education Tyrol at the Institute for Secondary Education and the Institute for Digitalization. His teaching focuses on media design, eLearning and, as a trained business educator, also project management. In addition, he is involved in the administration of the PHT learning platform and the supervision of eLearning courses.


Theo Hug and Reinhold Madritsch




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