Media Education in Autumn Colors


  • Heli Ruokamo University of Lapland
  • Yngve Nordkvelle Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences



The 2021 Media Education Conference (MEC 2021 []) took place on top of Ounasvaara Hill in Rovaniemi from September 28–October 1, 2021. MEC (formerly NBE) is an informal and friendly conference that participants attend to exchange ideas and information dealing with media education, educational use of ICTs, and learning environments. MEC 2021 was organized by the Media Education Hub at the University of Lapland. The theme of MEC 2021 was “Media Education in Autumn Colors.” MEC 2021 also celebrated the 20th birthday of the Media Education Hub. MEC 2021 participants were invited to submit paper proposals to be published in this special issue of

The themes and topics of the ninth MEC conference dealt with a) media, digital, and information literacies; b) digital media in teaching and learning; c) playful learning; and d) media education, participation, and well-being.




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