Levd skuespillerliv og rolletildeling. En studie av kvinner i norsk institusjonsteater


  • Rikke Gürgens Gjærum
  • Ingrid Vollan
  • Karin Brunvathne Bjerkestrand




The article presents findings from the qualitative study Women in Norwegian theatre, Kvinner i norsk teater (KIT). The researchers have examined the experiences of actresses on the distribution of dramatical roles/parts in Norwegian institutional theatres, in a lifespan perspective. The study is based on 20 qualitative research interviews of a strategic selection of actresses from smaller and larger institutional theatres. We discuss the data with a feministic view and six issues are highlighted in the article: 1. Repertoir, 2. Focus on looks and appearances, 3. Ageism, 4. Role characteristics, 5. Role ambitions/wishes of the actresses, 6. Nobility, 7. Prosesses of change. In the KIT study we find both active and creative innovating actresses and actresses who appear creative but yet more passive. A central discovery is that the success criterion for achieving an enriching professional life as an actress in Norwegian institutional theatres, is to dare “to take the wheel" in order to avoid marginalisation and ageism from the institution.



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Gjærum, R. G., Vollan, I., & Bjerkestrand, K. B. (2015). Levd skuespillerliv og rolletildeling. En studie av kvinner i norsk institusjonsteater. Nordic Journal of Art & Research, 4(2). https://doi.org/10.7577/if.v4i2.1548