Climate action and creative climate justice




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The answer to SDG 13 Climate action in this special issue takes the form of a contribution that breaks with the academic genre and bypasses the established academic or artistic formats of the journal. Instead, this contribution opens the door to the climate activist movement, shining a light on the urgency of the hour and the issues that are paramount in the hearts of climate-engaged artists, educators and cultural workers. Klimakultur, a non-profit organization supporting and strengthening the climate and environmental ambitions of the arts and culture sector in Norway, has together with Rosendal Teater in Trondheim released what they call a Creative Climate Justice Guide. This publication serves as inspirational tool for climate action.

Cover image: Photo by Rosendal Teater and Klimakultur SA

Author Biographies

Erlend Eggen, Klimakultur

Erlend Eggen is the head of Klimakultur.

Lise Hovik, Queen Maud University College

Lise Hovik is professor of drama and theatre at Queen Maud University College of Early Childhood Education and Adjunct professor at OsloMet.


Eggen, E., Forchhammer, J., Roberts, A.G., Solbu, I. R. (Eds.) (2023). Creative Climate Justice in Norway, an introductory guide / En innføring i Kultur og Klimarettferdighet i Norge. Rosendal Teater & Klimakultur SA.

UNDP. United Nations Development Program (2023). Climate Promise. Climate change is a matter of justice – here’s why. June 30, 2023.

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