Introducing essays as a genre in Nordic Journal of Social Research


Dear colleagues 

The editors are happy to introduce the essay format as a new publishable genre in the Nordic Journal of Social Research.

Essay guidelines

NJSR mainly publishes scientific journal articles that present new empirical data and contribute to theoretical developments. However, we also accept essay submissions. Essays refer to an argumentative style of writing, and these submissions may be problematizing, explorative and discursive.  We expect the same high quality for essay publications as for research papers; they need to be focused on specified topics and follow a clear argument with a logical progression. Essays need to engage with topics within the stated scope of the journal, and we welcome submissions with topical and novel contributions. Hence, we expect essays to adhere to one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Argumentative
  • Discursive
  • Explorative
  • Critical
  • Logical
  • Clear in thought
  • Arguments based on empirical grounds and data
  • Substantive conclusion
  • Citations and references to all data and literature consulted


Best regards

The Nordic Journal of Social Research editors.