Most downloaded articles

 Updated March 6th 2019

           1.Title: Evaluation of quality in social-work practice

            Author(s): Björn Blom, Stefan Morén

            Volume: 3 (2012)

            Downloads: 1239

            2. Title: Updating Labelling Theory: Normalizing but not Enabling

            Author(s): Thomas Scheff

            Volume: 1 (2010)

            Downloads: 724

            3. Title: Young adults’ personal views on child abuse

            Author(s): Caroline Anne Jernbo, Ulla-Britt Eriksson, Staffan Janson

            Volume: 1 (2010)

            Downloads: 698

            4. Title: Care ‘going market’: Finnish elderly-care policies in transition

            Author(s): Anneli Anttonen, Lissa Häiklö

            Volume: 2 (2011) Special Issue

            Downloads: 464

            5. Title: Towards the marketization of early childhood education and care? Recent developments in  Sweden and the United Kingdom

            Author(s): Ingela Naumann

            Volume: 2 (2011)

            Downloads: 382