Earlier hospital discharge: a challenge for Norwegian municipalities


  • Heidi Gautun Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences
  • Astri Syse Statistics Norway




Coordination Reform, Hospital, Length of stay, Local care services, Patient flow, Municipal variations


Aim: In order to improve patient outcomes and minimize health care costs, many Western countries are attempting to reduce the length of stay in hospitals by transferring responsibilities from specialist care to primary care. In Norway, the Coordination Reform was implemented in 2012 to enhance this development. As a result, the number of patients discharged to the municipal health care services has increased significantly. We investigate the extent to which nurses in nursing homes and home care services feel equipped to provide adequate care for patients discharged from hospitals after the reform.

Data: Altogether, 1,938 nurses representing around 80% of Norwegian municipalities assessed their experiences of this reform.

Results: An increase in the number of poorly functioning patients discharged to the municipality services was reported. Regardless of place of work, concerns were raised about limited resources in terms of personnel, equipment and competence, as well as an increase in hospital readmission rates. Negative reports on care provision for recently discharged patients came most frequently from nurses in municipalities which generally had low incomes, diverted limited resources to the health care sector and relied heavily on home-based care.

Conclusion: Insufficient transfer of resources to the home care services may have hampered the ability to fulfil the Coordination Reform’s intentions of providing safe care to patients in their own homes as an alternative to prolonged hospital stays. Due to a marked increase in reported hospital readmissions, it is not obvious that shorter lengths of stays have reduced overall health care costs.

Author Biographies

Heidi Gautun, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences

Centre for Welfare and Labour Research

Astri Syse, Statistics Norway

Department of Research


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