Learning to unlearn - Tracing Failures Within Arts-Based Participatory Research


  • Gry O. Ulrichsen HiNT




In this article, I trace my own research practice in a process of unlearning from an individual self-reflexive approach. Striving towards a more participatory and collective approach, I turn my attention to relational aspects between people, materials and discourses, and give them a central role in knowledge production as I move and find myself being moved in and out of apparently incommensurable paradigms: the qualitative and the post-qualitative; the humanist and the post-humanist; the post-humanist and the decolonial. I will unpack some of the emerging challenges, tensions and potentials as a becoming researcher pushing against boundaries in a space of conventional academic expectations within my researcher education.



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Author Biography

Gry O. Ulrichsen, HiNT

Høyskolelektor, Kunst og Helse, HiNT

Billedkunstner, selvstendig næringsdrivende

Kunstdidaktiker, SEANSE, HiV




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Ulrichsen, G. O. (2022). Learning to unlearn - Tracing Failures Within Arts-Based Participatory Research. Reconceptualizing Educational Research Methodology, 13(2). https://doi.org/10.7577/rerm.4726