Standing in the Midst

Intuition at the Fringes of Possible




intuition, speculative pragmatism, bifurcation of nature Misplaced Concreteness, qualitative research


This paper is an entry point into a different way of doing research: speculative pragmatism. Its roots are to be found in A. N. Whitehead, W. James, H. Bergson, among others. The main concept it fosters for a speculative pragmatism practice is intuition (Bergson, 2007; Deleuze, 1988, 2002; Manning, 2016). Around a discussion on knowledge, the concept of intuition is a pivotal milieu that anchors the basis for thinking-with-research-in-the-making. In the outlining of this background, the classical structure of experience is challenged. It introduces the subjective nature of the event, and shifts the role of objects, as they are normally understood.


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