Supporting Learning Through Epistemic Scaffolds Embedded in a Highlighter Tool


  • Jan Erik Dahl Department of Education University of Oslo



Social annotation technology, mediation, scaffolding, co-construction/co-learning, design-based research.


This article explores the use of epistemic scaffolds embedded in a digital highlighter tool that was used to support students’ readings and discussions of research articles. The use of annotation technologies in education is increasing, and annotations can play a wide variety of epistemic roles; e.g., they can facilitate a deeper level of engagement, support critical thinking, develop cognitive and metacognitive skills and introduce practices that can support knowledge building and independent learning. However, research has shown that the actual tool use often deviates from the underlying knowledge model in the tools. Hence, the situated and mediated nature of these tools is still poorly understood. Research also tends to study the tools as a passed on resource rather than being co-constructed between students and teachers. The researcher argues that approaching these resources as co-constructed can be more productive and can create new spaces for teacher–student dialogues, students’ agency and self-scaffolding.




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Dahl, J. E. (2016). Supporting Learning Through Epistemic Scaffolds Embedded in a Highlighter Tool. Seminar.Net, 12(1).