Depth of Field: Discursive design research through film


  • Timo Arnall
  • Einar Sneve Martinussen


Emneord (Nøkkelord):

interaction design, product design, discursive design, emerging technologies, RFID, film, reflective, communication, mediation


This article is about the role of film in interaction and product design research with technology, and the use of film in exploring and explaining emerging technologies in multiple contexts. We have engaged in a reflective design research process that uses graphical, audiovisual, and time-based media as a tool, a material and a communicative artefact that enables us to approach complex, obscure and often invisible emerging technologies. We give a discursive account of how film has played an intricate role in our design research practice, from revealing the materiality of invisible wireless technology, to explaining complex technical prototypes, to communicating to a public audience through online films that may fold broader social and cultural discourses back into our design research process. We conclude by elaborating on discursive design approaches to research that use film as a reflective and communicative medium that allows for design research to operate within a social and cultural frame.



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Arnall, T., & Martinussen, E. S. (2010). Depth of Field: Discursive design research through film. FormAkademisk, 3(1).

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