Crafting short films

Narrative and reflective perspectives on making in craft


  • Päivi Fernström University of Helsinki
  • Mikaela Dahlberg University of Helsinki
  • Sirviö Sirviö University of Helsinki
  • Henna Lahti University of Helsinki


Emneord (Nøkkelord):

Autoethnography, deliberative interviewing, film making, narratives, sensory ethnography


In this article, we focus on film making as a part of craft studies and narrative inquiry. Short films were created in a course in the craft teacher master’s degree at the University of Helsinki. The aim of the course was to serve several purposes such as 1) to enable students to become familiar with a new way of deepening conceptual thinking through making, 2) to apply and develop craft skills in working on a selected concept or theme, and 3) to understand the dialogue between conceptual and material artefacts. We explore the opportunities to transmit multisensory experiences via short films. For illustration, we introduce two short films created during the course. Using the deliberative interviewing method, we have broadened the perspective on reflective and analytical level.


Päivi Fernström, University of Helsinki

PhD, Docent  

Mikaela Dahlberg, University of Helsinki

Master's student

Sirviö Sirviö, University of Helsinki

Master's student

Henna Lahti, University of Helsinki

PhD, Docent


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Fernström, P. ., Dahlberg, M., Sirviö, S., & Lahti, H. (2021). Crafting short films : Narrative and reflective perspectives on making in craft . FormAkademisk, 14(2).

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