ÇEYIZLAB: Crafting a Speculative Manifesto

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Textile craft, manifesto, speculative design, tradition


Çeyizlab is a research project tackling with çeyiz (trousseau)- a traditional gift-giving to the bride in Turkey. Due to the societal changes, çeyiz is under a transformation. By looking at the past and speculating about the future of çeyiz, our research question emerged: Can we envision scenarios that would turn the existing transformation of this tradition into preferable futures? We answered this question by conducting online focus-groups, auto-ethnography sessions and expert interviews. Based on our analysis, the idea of a Manifesto has emerged. This manifesto was embroidered on a fabric reflecting the stories, memories and desires of the women with whom we interviewed. To spread out the message of the manifesto, we decided to make a short film that gives rise to discussions around the issues entangled within çeyiz.


Hazal Gümüş Çiftçi , The Ohio State University

Lecturer, PhD

Seçil Uğur Yavuz, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano



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