Systemic Government and the Civil Servant. A New Pattern for Systemic Design


  • Jonathan A Veale Government of Alberta


Emneord (Nøkkelord):

systemic design methodology, systemic foresight, civil servant, public policy, cultural change, government


This article examines the emerging application of systemic design methodology within government as practiced by the Alberta Public Service in Edmonton, Canada. A case study, from a practitioner’s perspective, for systemic policy design is presented as an innovation facing approach useful for cultural change and decision-support.  Lessons about applying systemic design within government and essential capabilities and qualities of practitioners are outlined. For some systemic designers, government might be the best place to effect systemic change especially those particularly concerned about advancing stewardship and innovation within the culture of government. This article is useful to public sector practitioners interested in applying systemic methodology to complex and long-term policy predicaments.


Jonathan A Veale, Government of Alberta

Senior Designer, Strategy & Foresight, Strategy Division, Department of Energy, Government of Alberta




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Veale, J. A. (2014). Systemic Government and the Civil Servant. A New Pattern for Systemic Design. FormAkademisk, 7(3).

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