Call for Papers - Special Issue on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Education for Sustainable Development


Call for Articles
This special issue aims to explore the transformative potential that interdisciplinary approaches to ESD
can achieve and how they can be effectively implemented. The goal of the special issue is to collect and
share new research and innovations in the emerging field of interdisciplinary education for sustainable
development. We encourage submissions from teacher educators, educational researchers, and teacher practitioners
to share their advances and innovations in this field and to explore the impacts this has on educational
practice in general. Articles may be focused within a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary education
practices, including multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary approaches, and should be
oriented toward a relevant application in education for sustainable development. All articles should have
a comparative perspective, for example, providing insights from variations of teaching methods used,
comparing different aspects of or agents in the education system, multiple case studies, or country
comparisons. Articles that draw on diverse perspectives in education, especially those that highlight
learning within local and indigenous knowledge systems, will be highly appreciated.
We encourage authors to consider how interdisciplinary education for sustainable development can be
applied to strengthen transformative learning processes and actively engage learners as actors for
change in the pursuit of sustainable development.
Articles are welcomed from multiple educational levels, including early childhood education, primary and
secondary education, teacher education, as well as non-formal and community-based education.

Guest editors: Robert J. Didham (Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences), Hiroki Fujii (Okayama University), and Gregor Torkar (University of Ljubljana)

Deadline for complete manuscripts: October 15, 2023

Please read the complete call here.