Editorial I. Perspectives on Design Literacy

Building on the DLIN symposium October 2022




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Shandong University of Art & Design


The Perspectives on Design Literacy special issue features selected peer reviewed articles discussing the Design Literacy concept in relation to a specific area of design education. Thus, the special issue provides the design research community with a useful reference point on which to further knowledge development related to Design Literacy and it update as a framework to examine for example what it means to be Design Literate. The Perspectives on Design Literacy special issue covers contributions exploring Design Literacy in diverse contexts including the educational level covering primary, secondary and Higher Education as well as different national educational context. The special issue provides a useful reminder that Design Literacy as with other types of literacies should gain a greater prominence withing the design research community to support development of general and professional education to prepare future citizens to navigate designed artificial world which is becoming increasing automated through the rapid deployment of the AI.


Erik Bohemia, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

Dean of the International School of Design

Shandong University of Art & Design

Associate professor

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences


Úrsula Bravo, Universidad del Desarrollo

Associate professor

Liv Merete Nielsen, Oslo Metropolitan University

Professor Emerita (PhD)


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