Recordings of HRER-WERA IRN 2021 Webinar available on YouTube


You can watch the first webinar, Tackling sexual harassment at school using a human rights framework, presented by Beate Goldschmidt-Gjerløw and Irene Trysnes, University of Agder, Norway here. You can read and download Goldschmidt-Gjerløw and Irene Trysnes’ paper on #MeToo in School in HRER Vol 3(2).

The seminar series will recommence on 15 September 2021 with a webinar reporting on the first ever research on human rights education in Iceland. It will be of interest to all interested in social justice through schooling, exploring the concept of transformative HRE by looking at teachers’ understandings of their professional role. Further details will be available soon here. Keep checking for updates!