HRER celebrates award from Amnesty USA 


We are excited and pleased that our still young journal (we will celebrate our 5th birthday next year) has won this prestigious award. We thank our authors for choosing HRER as the home for your research; our International Editorial Advisory Board for their active support over the past years; and all out readers for your loyal support. We appreciate the support we enjoy from the University of South-Eastern Norway and hope the award may bring many more researchers to HRER.   

Our Editor-in-Chief, Audrey Osler, will receive the award on behalf of the Editorial Team at the Human Rights Day celebration. She says of the award:  

‘It’s recognition of how important that knowledge about human rights at all levels of learning, especially for children and in higher education. I believe that all students, no matter where they live in the world, have a right to learn about human rights.’  

We invite our authors and readers to join us for an hour in this virtual celebration to mark this milestone in HRER’s development.  Do join our editors and authors at 15.30 (Eastern Standard Time: US and Canada) 21.30 (Central European Time: Oslo, Berlin). If you would like to be there, please register in advance at: 

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