Discovering the effect metrics for innovation projects


  • Laura-Maija Hero Metropolia university for applied sciences
  • Marianne Pitkäjärvi Metropolia university for applied sciences
  • Kaija Matinheikki Metropolia university for applied sciences



Working life-integrated innovation projects have become a common part of education. An innovation project is a social phenomenon of learning that brings the competence of several individuals together in a social process through which a novel idea is turned into practical reality to convey value to its users. University–industry innovation collaboration research has mainly understood the role of the university as a partner responsible for research. However, these projects are often based on student teamwork, an open challenge from real working life and a predefined intention to produce a concrete, novel, and innovative product, service, or new operating model into use. The outcomes are meant to be taken into use to convey value for business and society. A paucity of empirical research exists on the development and assessment of these innovation education programs based on their effects on the surrounding society. The variables that are important in studying the effects of innovation education projects on surrounding society, participating companies, and organisations must be identified. In this study, a set of effect measurement scale variables were discovered through a document analysis and focus group interviews. The findings imply the importance of recognising the effects of the project both on the clients' and their organisations' goals (project output, benefits of participation, and what survives) and the wider impact of the projects on the surrounding society (impacts on the daily lives of citizens; well-being and health; economy, ecology, digitalisation; and social matters). Thus, a preliminary impact assessment model is suggested.

Keywords: Innovation project, university-industry collaboration, impact, higher education, innovation pedagogy, document analysis, focus group



2022-06-16 — Uppdaterad 2022-06-16


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Hero, L.-M., Pitkäjärvi, M. ., & Matinheikki, K. (2022). Discovering the effect metrics for innovation projects. Techne serien - Forskning i slöjdpedagogik och slöjdvetenskap, 29(1), 13–27.